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As leaders in the field of first aid, we take pride in providing you with the best possible training.
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"In an emergency, where you live shouldn't determine if you live."

First Aid (Level 1)

An introduction to international standards in first aid. This course will provide you and your team with the ability to stabilise a casualty and manage the scene of an incident. 

The course includes all learning materials, as well as training equipment, practical training from a qualified instructor, and follow-up learning resources in Nyanja, Bemba, and English via the first aid africa app. 

This course is ideal for SMEs and for NGOs looking to add value to their existing staff or client training portfolio.


First Aid (Level 2)


For higher risk groups, such as drivers, field workers, or staff with responsibility for dealing with the public - this course includes all of the modules from 'level 1', plus additional modules in casualty evacuation, casualty care, the treatment broken bones, and head injuries. 

The course is suitable for most lodges, embassies, and larger companies/NGOs. It is our most popular course. 

This course takes between two and three days to complete depending on the size of the class, and is recognised by the Ministry of Health.



"When first aid is our first thought, and not our last resort, we can save lives."

Community First Aid Responder (CFAR)

For large NGOs or Government offices with specific targets around the theoretical and practical application of first aid in rural communities, this is the only course the in Zambia certified by the World Health Organisation, First Aid Africa, and the Ministry of Health.

The CFAR course takes three to four days to complete. 



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Tailored courses

Some communities, and some companies have specialist needs.

That's why we've developed the following tailored courses for our partners and will continue to work with our clients to address their specific requirements. 

- First aid for embassy staff (including CPR and Defibrillator training for VIPs) 
- First aid for the conservation sector (inc. game rangers, and anti-poaching units) 
- First aid for the hospitality sector 
- First aid for sports teams and coaches
- First aid for the aviation industry (AVMED)