First aid for everyone!

"First aid for everyone" is the vision, which guides us as a company.  Yes, we provide training and equipment to Zambia's top companies and the international organisations who work here, but we also serve the rural communities who are the backbone of this great country.  

In the year 2020 we will provide first aid training to over 2020 community members working in low or middle income areas, and release our new mobile app, which provides first aid information to every Zambian free of charge, in English, Nyanja, and Bemba languages. 

Additionally, we're working with the World Health Organisation, the Ministry of Health, and the country's top Universities to train the next generation of First Aid instructors. 

If you believe that a safer Zambia is a stronger Zambia, then contact us to find out more about our community work.

Or take two minutes to watch the amazing work being done by a women's group in Chibombo, Central province, who were trained by our staff last year.

The lifesavers of Chibombo (turn your speakers on)